Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It's cold and rainy and altogether miserable today, and I am in Day Three of a migraine, the kind of headache that feels as if someone has driven a knitting needle into my right eye, and is now trying to push it through the back of my skull.  Not much writing today.  Instead, photos, courtesy of the amazing Steve Litwin (who is the most dedicated protector of our family heritage that I know -- if you haven't thanked the Lord for Steve, you need to, today):

Lolly Litwin, Flower Girl at Frances Litwin's wedding (date unknown)

Lolly Litwin at her wedding, OLC Church, May 1956 (I'm pretty sure that's Butch Socha in the background)

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Failing, May 1956

Rose Rusin-Litwin (l.), and her neighbor and in-law, Helen Moskal, NT, 1950's

Rose Litwin at Lolly's wedding, May 1956

Judy and Jerry McMurray's Wedding Photo.
Pictured (l - r):  Kathy Siedlecki, Al McMurray, Donna Socha Gable; Judy Siedlecki, Jerry McMurray, David McMurray

Donna Socha's First Holy Communion
Pictured (l-r): Steve Litwin, Bob Litwin, Donna Socha, Judy Siedlecki, Sandra Socha

Judy Siedlecki's First Holy Communion
Pictured with her parents, Anthony and Mary Siedlecki.
Litwin's Bar and Grill is in the background.

Peter Siedlecki, 1944.   
The inscription on the back reads, My First Photograph."

A wedding party from the 1920's (I've used this image before, 
but this one has slightly better resolution).
Peter Litwin is front row, left, holding a baseball.

Wedding photo of Veronica Rusin and John Vrabec.
Back row (l-r): Piotr Litwin; Rose Rusin Litwin; unknown; unknown; Mary Rusin (Piotr's mother); Jan Rusin (Piotr's father); Anna Rusin Litwin; unknown.
Front row (l-r): Charles Stobnicki; Bronislawa (aka Bernice and Bertha) Rusin Stobnicki; John Vrabec; unknown child; Veronica Rusin Vrabec; Peter Litwin; unknown; unknown.

Alice and Emil Ziolek and six of their eight children

Helen Litwin Socha, Alice Litwin Ziolek
Sophie Litwin Kalata, Lolly Litwin Failing

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