Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Small Sampling of Photos

I realize that there are a lot of words on this blog.  And that for most of you, all those words devolve into a slow, low drone, until you're Ferris Buehler, and I'm that nebbishy teacher asking, "Anyone?  Anyone?"

So not many words today.  Instead, the first batch of scanned images taken from the Family Archives:

Some of the family, dressed in souvenir Hawai'ian garb, brought by Grand-Ma and Grand-Pa after their trip to the islands.  Photo taken at 66-6th Avenue, North Tonawanda, circa 1967.  Front row (L-R): Cousin Chris, me, Cousin Gregg, Cousin Jeff.  Middle row (L-R): Grand-Ma, Aunt Kathy, Unca Pete.  Back row (L-R): Grand-Pa, Mary Beth, Dad.

 First day of School, September 1972 or 1973.  Photo taken at the corner of Sweeney Street and Payne Avenue, in front of the Carney's chestnut tree.  L-R: Thad, Mary Beth, me (note the salmon shirt and the jaunty striped pants with fashionable bells), Todd.

Photo appears to have been taken in the back yard of the white house on Sweeney Street, 1975 or 1976.  Mom's thumb appears on left side of image.  The rugby shirts were handmade by Mom.  Front row (L-R): Mitchell, Thad.  Back row (L-R): Todd, Mary Beth.

Colonial Williamsburg, Summer 1974.  There is so much to like in this photo.  Mitch is in the foreground.  Thad is behind him, having just placed his tricorn hat upon the head of a seemingly agreeable sheep.  (I imagine the sheep at Colonial Williamsburg frequently have to put up with such impositions.  Such is the price of celebrity.)  Those little spots are sheep poop.

I have perhaps 150 more photos to scan.  This should be an interesting few weeks!

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