Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Honor Roll

This is, to the best of my knowledge, a list of family members who served in the Armed Forces:

Revolutionary War (fighting for the British)
Jacob Anguish
Henry Anguish

War of 1812 (fighting for the United States)
Abram Milliman

Civil War (fighting for the Union)
Philander Eugene Pearce

British Occupation of India
Hugh McMurray

Crimean War, British Occupation of Australia, Fenian War (as a member of the Royal Canadian Rifles)
James McMurray

British Army, late Victorian period
James Ocean McMurray

World War I, War of Polish Independence (1919-1920)
Walter Siedlecki

World War II
Melvin Zuch, Pacific Theater
Ray Litwin, US Army Air Corps, European Theater

Korean War
Alfred McMurray, US Army Reserves

Some of these men fought for causes that were noble; some of them fought for imperialist powers.  Some of them were brave; some were cowards.  Some of them were dedicated men, trusted by their superiors and loved by their compatriots.  Some of them hated military life, and served poorly.  One was involved in the bloodiest 20 minutes in American history, an event of spectacular waste and destruction that haunted its architect all the days of his life.  Another marched in one of the great military victories of the 20th century, a victory that his countrymen still celebrate nearly a century later.  More than a few required their families to trek across oceans and wilderness, following them in their service.  They wore buckskin dyed the color of a summertime forest and red coats with white breeches and blue kepis and bullfrog green tunics and olive drab and khaki, and one wore a uniform the color of the midday sky, a uniform hardly anyone remembers anymore.

They were soldiers.

Remember them today.

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