Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pre-Thanksgiving Leftovers

I want one of these shirts.  Of all the Kirk McCurrays in the world, I am the Kirk McCurrayist

A few jots and tittles for ya, before you commence to consume mass quantities...

A reader asks why we've experienced Walter Siedlecki interruptus.  It's a great story, and at the eleventh hour, I found some data that adds a lot of information.  I want to do justice to the story, so I'm holding off.  The data includes, I think, his complete military record, so that should be something worth waiting for!

The same reader wonders why the Poles did not readily assimilate into American society.  It's a great question, and I will address it in a future posting.  Suffice to say there are three strains of immigrants: those who came here expressly to establish a new home; those who came here as political or religious exiles; and those who came here as economic refugees.  Assimilation, particularly for group two, takes generations for some groups.

I was at the bank yesterday.  I've gone to the same bank for nearly twenty-four years.  Our personal accounts are there.  My corporate account is there.  They know me.  So I'm making a deposit in the drive-through lane, and the lady sends back the deposit bag with a cherry, "Have a happy Thanksgiving, Mr. McCurry."

McCurry.  How I hate you, McCurry.

I tracked down another distant relative this week.  Rick Heenan, of Lockport.  Rick is the youngest child of Charlotte McMurray Heenan, who was my grandfather's sister.  Rick is a singer-songwriter, who performs all over upstate New York.  He plays something he calls "Canal Blues" -- it's good stuff!

Have a happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

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